Made in Rhode Island for people everywhere.

At Sandbar Speakers, it is our goal to make the best looking, and loudest speakers, at a fraction of the cost of the major brands. After countless hours of research and production, we believe that we have built a speaker that not only looks better but performs better than any other speaker on the market.
Patrick Flanigan

- Head of Production and Product Development

Patrick founded the company in 2017 tinkering with old speaker parts and turned a casual hobby into a full-on business. Patrick is currently enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Robotics Engineering.


Will Cabral

-Head of Marketing and

Public Relations

Will joined the team in 2018 and took on the roles of marketing and expanding the company through social media and website development. Will is currently enrolled at the University of Colorado studying Marketing. 


Marcus Smaldone

- Head of Sales

Marcus also joined the team in 2018 and greatly improved the sales of the company through his aggressive promotional strategies and techniques. Marcus is currently enrolled at Bishop Stang High School


Ben Markert

- Co-Head of Product Development

Ben joined the team in late 2018 when it was clearly evident that more product development was necessary. Ben is currently enrolled at Yale University studying Mechanical Engineering along with being in their Naval ROTC program.

George Brown

- Co-Head of Production

George also joined the team in late 2018 to boost the productivity of production as our orders continued to ramp up. George is currently enrolled at the University of Colorado studying Computer Science.